Converged Networks Limited is not just an Internet Service provider but a Converged Communications service provider backed by our critical success factors like excellent market knowledge and a history, conviction and competence, as an ideal comprehension of the value of Communication and Internet Solutions to any organization. We identify our successes, specifically by looking at projects that the founders have successfully implemented as a basis for market penetration. We equip our team by keeping them updated on new developments in the industry, with a specific focus on new technologies such as Fiber, Microwave and VSAT with the aim of increasing their knowledge and ability to develop and be more productive. Our strength lies in the ability to design, construct and support e-business solutions. While focusing on packaging products correctly to suit the local market requirements

Eastern Africa Focus!

Liberalization and removal of some of the regulatory controls in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and the resulting improvements in infrastructure are fueling a boom in demand for internet services in these sub-Saharan African countries. New internet backbone licenses, the legalization of VoIP, and a license consolidation scheme for ISPs have injected competition into this market, helping to increase available bandwidth and improve quality of service in order to meet consumer needs. East Africa continues to rise rapidly in improvements of service delivery. Its for this region that CNL is offering the First all Converged infrastructure in the region our unique network architecture means our data solutions capitalize on the geographic advantage of East Africa we are a gateway to the region. CNL is the East African data services provider of choice.

Our Network!

We have a fully redundant Internet Protocol (IP) communications platform based on the modern Metro Ethernet switching technology. At the heart of the network are Gigabit Ethernet switches, which generate multiple dedicated network segments or Virtual LANs (VLANs) each of which operates at 1,000MBps speeds, currently the highest speeds achievable by Ethernet networks anywhere in the world. Each of the circuits is separated logically from any other thus ensuring maximum security of our client's information as it passes through our network. The network is connected to the undersea fiber optic cable using two completely different fiber optic connections to eliminate a single point of failure. We will also be connected to a backup satellite service in the unlikely event that the fiber optic cable is unavailable. This design ensures 99.9% availability of the network at the core. This translates to over 364 days of continuous uptime per calendar year

We at CNL believe in the power of technology.